About Me

About Me

My Dear Friend,

If, You want to read Myanmar artical,Myanmar long noval and personal history of Myanmar famous People.
If, You want to know Myanmar Army,Myanmar made small arms,Myanmar made heavy weapons and about of Myanmar Army.
If, You want to view Myanmar Model Photo,Myanmar Historic Photo and Photo of Myanmar Famous People.
If, You want to look Myanmar politics movie,Myanmar video,Myanmar song and Myanmar Historic movie.

About Me
I was born in a Myanmar, near Yangon City.My parents were Nationalist .I am basically grew up in the No(1) Basic High School of Tharyarwady . I graduated from Pyay Institute of Technology . I then worked in Bangkok . I was a mechanic till 2000 when I started my own business of importing prawn meat from Myanmar. That business failed and for last 5 years. Writing is my hobby and Myanmar naturally is my main interest.This Blog is more of a Politically-Oriented Literary Blog than a Plain News Blog or a Sophisticated Thoughts Blog, and Please Forgive me for using some photos and videos without asking permission first, SORRY.

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