Friday, May 18, 2012

How to do Golden Land (Myanmar) (3)

Mr Speaker,

The consolidation of Civil Society Organizations is the most important thing in the process of democratic transition and nation building endeavours. According to Myanmar culture, our national races have the philanthropic spirit deeply rooted in Myanmar society under the influence of religious teachings.

It is very heartening to see emergence of the Civil Society Organizations with momentum from social works to emergency rescues and in the fields of economy, development and environmental conservation. Systematic emergence of foundations and organizations is a pride for our society.

These Civil Society Organizations play an important role in flourishing and strengthening of Myanmar democracy system. Plans are underway for emergence of class unions and organizations that can protect the rights of farmers and workers.

National Human Rights Commission was systematically set up in order to provide effective protection to fundamental rights of citizens in our society.

Formation of National Press Council is under way in order that media sector, the fourth estate, can ensure liberty and accountability with the check and balance system in accord with the democratic practices.

At the same time, our country has lagged behind in globalization. In our attempt to make more integration with global nations, we need to try not to lose Myanmar values— culture, tradition, customs, fine arts, theatrical arts, literature and music of all our national races—which our forefathers have been keeping to further strengthen the soft power that prevails in Myanmar values.

In its attempt to make integrations with the globe along with the new system, CSOs, playing an important role in promoting the standards of films, music and theatrical arts which can symbolize Myanmar values, are trying to highlight and keep the Myanmar values.

Mr speaker,

Three powers have been equally shared in the Constitution which is a charter framework of democratic transition. After practicing these powers equally, the media sector which is fourth estate and our government, people and the Tatmadaw which form fifth estate, are to march towards the democratic transition with full understanding and trust.

Only then, would our country become a modern, developed and democratic one we all want. Rule of law is at the core for emergence of a glorious democratic society. Our respective Hluttaws have prescribed laws, our government rules the country in accord with these laws and judicial pillar is to stick to these laws.

Rule of law is a must for our administrative mechanism, businesses, social welfare, political processes, international relations and judicial system. If rule of law prevails in our society, human rights, liberty and democracy would flourish automatically.

Consolidation of every step of national building endeavours depends on rule of law. So, we all are to serve that duty in unison and in concert. At the same time, our Myanmar society needs to change our mindsets and behaviours in line with the democratic practices. The old thoughts, ideas and behaviours would gradually disappear with the check and balance system if all believe that the country’s era and system have changed.

To change the mindsets and behaviors of the whole society through rule of law, we need the support of CSOs. Cooperation of national brethren with equal-minded senses is crucial. In addition, encouragements and supports of global countries are of great importance.

Our government will make cordial and friendly cooperation in the developing international arena. In our effort to serve and promote the national interests of our country and people, we will stick to the independent and active foreign policy that has been exercised throughout successive eras.

In making our continued effort for the political, economic and social reforms with added momentum, we will maintain amity regardless of East or West as well as extending a warm welcome to international support, cooperation, investment and aids. At the same time, we will constantly safeguard the national interests of our country and people and the country’s sovereignty.

Mr Speaker,

In conclusion, our government is now serving the duties entrusted by the people after sharing powers with a sense of responsibility and accountability between the upper and lower levels. We had to face a lot of difficulties and challenges over the year. The most important thing in building up a new government is to see our rapid changes and reforms. The consolidation of these changes and reforms is of special importance.

Our country has lagged behind in the globalization current. So, we need to carry out anything after taking lessons of home and abroad. Our respective pillars and societies are to be well aware of challenges that come along with opportunities at a time when our country opens door to the globe.

Our historic transitional process is so enormous and difficult. In addition to the challenges that the countries in transition like our country have to face, we need to root out the evil legacies deeply-entrenched in our society. To ensure more consolidation of it, continued efforts are to be made by our people and our society, not only in the time of our government but also the coming successive governments.

We need to put more efforts into it. We need to try harder to increase capacity of our mechanism, to expand legislation of the respective Hluttaws, to ensure more consolidation of rule of law, to promote the private sectors’ capacity, to increase the number of CSOs, improve the quality of basic infrastructures and social security schemes and promote the living standards of our people.

Our government will continue to try harder till a Myanmar society where the rule of law is firm and people living with peace of mind and dignity is emerged in our democratic country enjoying increased per capita income and well-rounded development in addition to economic growth, which are the wants and wishes of people.

I would like to urge the remaining pillars to extend a helping hand to our government for more consolidation by means of mutual understanding, trust and cooperation, and people are also urged to steer our government and all stakeholders to consolidate our society. Our government continues putting more efforts into it in order that our reforms can bring about tangible outcomes in a short period of time, which our people want.

For the time being, even though our government has yet to fulfil all the needs of our people, here I would like to reaffirm to our commitment to serving the interests of our people and country with all-out effort even by sacrificing our lives.
(Speech of Myanmar President U Thein Sein) 

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