Sunday, June 10, 2012

They Are Terrorize

Maung Daw, Rakhine State, Myanmar                                                                  8, June, 2012

In this afternoon, thousands of Bengali known as Rohingyas gathered and burned many houses of local residents, Rakhines. Most of local Rakhines (Arakanese) fled away from their homes for security purposes. Maung Daw at Rakhine State in Burma is now in chaos and needs immediate control over such riots. Many Buddhist temples were set on fire by Bengalis while rioters have destroyed local stores and shops owned by Rakhines (Arakanese).

Few days ago, an Arakanese lady was gang-raped and murdered by three Bengalis. Her neck was purposefully cut and vagina was found severely penetrated with sharp weapons. That case has raised tensions among local residents, Arakanese and newly occupying illegal Bengali immigrants. In response to such sexual assault, ten Muslim travelers to Rakhine state were beaten to death at Taung Gote township. Such consequential cases have sparked riots in Rakhine state.

Conditions seem to become worse when Bengalis started to shoot with their secretly stored guns from a three storey house of a money broker called Zaw Hein at Maung Daw. They shot into the running Rakhine crowds and reports say that injured were sent to Sittway hospital, capital of Rakhine state. An army official confirmed the news that they have already received information about collection of arms by Muslim terrorist forces in that area. Latest news suggests that Myanmar Army in Maund Daw is now confronting with armed Bengalis. Moreover, according to Lay Wa Dee media, Bengali guerilla forces were prepared before tensions started to rise which is why it may be considered as a planned action and foreign invasion.

Maung Daw is now under carfew and military control. Police forces are ordered to fire directly towards armed rioter Bengalis. Meanwhile, a well-known local GP Dr Khin Maung Latt and his wife were stabbed seriously by their Bengali housemaid. Resources approve that they are now at hospital and fatally injured.

Ko Ko Kyi, a student leader of 88 generations in Myanmar, made a press conference today regarding such riot issues in Rakhine state.
“I want to say clearly that Rohingyas are not belonged to any ethnic group in Burma. They have no cultural and religious ties with any ethnic group in Burma. Although we have avoided any potentially conflicting issues like racial riots, we have to say today that we will not accept any foreign intervention on rohingya issue without knowing true history of rohingya Bengalis. If some countries want to pressure on Burma/Myanmar for such rohingya problems, we will view it as a threat to our national security.” Ko Ko Kyi says.
In the mean time, Myanmar Muslim Association in Mandalay released a statement about serious condemnation on Rohigyas actions on local resident Rakhines (Arakanese). Currently, according to Yangon Press International, 14 villages were burned down and causalities were not known yet.

Contemporarily, famous exile media such as BBC Burmese, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), Radio Free Asia Burmese( RFA Burmese), Voice of America Burmese (VOA Burmese), Irrawaddy Magazine and Mizzima Media were viewed by strong nationalists and social activists of Myanmar as major lobbyist for causing such racial tensions. Ko Ko Kyi warned that exile pressures can be one of the contributing factors for such chaotic conditions. On official facebook of a Myanmar Government officer, he requested that exile Burmese Media should not state rioting situations as Religious conflicts.

On facebook, a number of Burmese calling for boycotting such media and lobbyists were spread like wildfire provoking an idea that exile media are lobbying just for their self-interests but not for Burma as they officially announce. On BBC official web page, it was expressed that Maung Daw Islamic residents are protesting as a response to rising religious tensions. In fact, those Bengalis rallied at a central mosque and started to destroy local stores near Central Hall at Maung Daw. Political activists say that such transnational issue is not simply a religious conflict but a huge problem with Immigration Bureau of Myanmar. They said that local Rakhines (Arakanese) were long suffered from troubles created by corrupted staff of Border Security Forces at Maung Daw.

Han Yaung Wai, chairman of DVB, is usually accused of anti-rohingya campaigners as a conspirator in case of rohingya promotion due to released photographs in which he was signing a suspiciously rohingya-promotion agreement with some Arabs. Since there is no cultural and political connection between Myanmar and Arab world either in positive or negative way, Arakanese activists and nationalists accused Han Yaung Wai of bribery for suspected rohingya-promotion agreement.

 Others campaigns are Burma Campaign UK, Rohingya Organization UK where Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, daughter of Mya Aye who is a student leader of 88 generation students, is now working, Bangladesh based Rohingya Solidarity Organization which can have connections with Al Queda according to wiki leak cable released from US Embassy Rangoon.

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