Thursday, June 14, 2012

The World Biggest Cheating 1

At the same time, another group of Rohingya advocates, Rohingya Blogger, which is founded by U Ba Sein, an ex-politician from Buthidaung, Maungtaw of Arakan State has been spreading fabricating tales on how the government of Myanmar has oppressed the Rohingya over the years.

For the past two year, Tun Khin, the President of BROUK (Burmese Rohingya Organization UK) has been staging protests to raise concern for the Rohingya. He did so by the assistance of BCUK (Burma Campaign UK). The majority of Myanmar netizens have distrust in the ethic of BCUK and BBC.

U Ba Sein of Rohingya Blogger and Tun Khin of BROUK have close contact with Nurul Islam from ARNO. This explains why the two groups are manipulated by ARNO and are very much desperate to promote Rohingya even by despicable methods. The photos of their meeting some time ago is attached with this article as well. On 10 June 2012, U Ba Sein posted a photo of some Bengalis rescued by some Indonesia navy in 2009 and mentioned that they are Rohingyas killed by the Rakkhine recently. The men in the photos are actually just lying down with no blood on their bodies nor cut wounds. In another incident, a Rohingya advocate media group, Kaladan Press, has published a deceptive article on how Rohingyas are killed using the photo of the deceased during 2011's bomb blast in Myawaddy, southern Myanmar. The same piece of news is published in a Bangladesh newspaper using the very same wrong photo of last year's bomb blast incident.
Won Thar Nu

Since 8 June 2012, thousands of homes have been torched and a massacred took place during the deadly sectarian violence in Arakan State, Myanmar. The attackers are illegal immigrants, namely Rohingyas who claim themselves as an ethnic group of the nation.

The number of casualties has been rising despite the declaration of a state emergency and a strict curfew being imposed. News of the sectarian violence hit the headlines of the international press and photos of Rohingyas flooded everywhere.

I am very disappointed with what I have been seeing and hearing what the international media channels are reporting on the Rohingya attack. They are totally blinded, siding with the Rohingya attackers, and distorting the fact that the Rakkhines are the real victims. The happenings are not as what they have been broadcasted. It is not a religious riot. It is not the attack of the majority Rakkhine to the minority Rohingya. It is, in fact, an invasion; to be precise, Rohingya invasion into Arakan land.

According to some of the reporters from the local media groups who actually are at the scene of violence, the Rohingyas are committing a massacred and torching the Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as the houses of the residents Rakkhine. They are also weaponed with RPGs and guns while the villagers are holding only kitchen knives and slender bamboo sticks with sharpened edges to defend.

What caused all the chaos in the Arakan State? Well, it all started when a native Buddhist girl was brutally raped and murdered by three Muslims on May 28. The rapists recorded the whole process of crime on a mp4 player and spread it among other illegal immigrants. This incident is followed by a killing of ten Muslims on Jun 3 where some Rakhines allegedly dragged them out and killed them. Little did the world media know about the deceased here is that these men were involved in the rape and murder case of the Buddhist girl and they were there to offer monetary reward to the families of the rapist which is why the local Rakhines were furious. During confrontation, they also threw sarcasm and vulgarity at the locals.

Most of the Myanmar netizens know what is really going on in Arakan State but the world does not. I would firmly say that Myanmar has been sabotaged by a group of strongly-funded Rohingya advocates and some foreign-based Myanmar media groups who have agreed to side with Rohingyas and promote them in return for monetary gain.

In 2008, photos of the Chairman of a media group DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma), meeting with Nurul Islam, the President of ARNO (Arkan Rohingya National Organization), were made public by their immediate circle. ARNO is reported connecting with Al Qaeda and funded by Arab nations. Since last year, the government of Bangladesh has reportedly told the members of ARNO to leave the country to maintain law and order in the area and yet, there are eight ARNO bases on Bangladesh land. Since their meeting, DVB has been promoting Rohingyas and voicing out for them. Shortly after, Han Yawng Hwe, the Chairman of DVB, was accused of taking bribe from ARNO for the service DVB has rendered for the Rohingyas.
Nurul Islam of ARNO and Han Yawng Hwe of DVB at OIC 2008
Ba Sein's facebook page and original photo

The international media groups have been unfair to Myanmar and to the Rakkhine victims of the Rohingya attack. It is obvious that the Rohingyas are the attackers. Why would the majority Rakkhine leave their homes, and get their properties torched if they were the attackers? I strongly feel indignant by how the photos of artifice are flooding the world media. I am miffed by how the photos of what is really happening in Arakan State are published nowhere on the world media channels.

I would like to ask the international entities who speak up for Rohingyas. Who would speak up for the Rakkhines whose homes were ablazed? Who would seek justice for the Rakkhines who were brutally murdered by the Rohingyas during the Arakan massacred? You suggested the government of Myanmar of accept the Rohingyas. Were you there when the Rohingyas raped our women? Were you there when they splashed kerosene at our homes and burnt them down? Were you there when they brutally murder our people? Please do not be fooled the Rohingya proganda set up the group of despicable media groups. Get up and set your foot on our Arakan land. Hear our cries. Feel our sorrow. Touch our tears. Touch our blood. See the carcasses. See the faces. It is for real. None of these are fabricated nor manipulated. The victims are the Rakkhines, the innocent villagers who were killed by the Rohingya terrorists. Why did Rohingyas kill the villagers? The answer is simple. It is because Rohingyas are not one of us, not one of the ethnic group of Myanmar. In fact, they are terrorists!

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