Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr Zarni and DVB,What are you doing?

The hell hog is at large, this time positioning for $$s, clients and patrons for power

In the midst of Buddhist monks and men and women of different race, religions and socioeconomic ranks peacefully protesting in Mandalay; we hear some noises not from hell hounds but a hell
hog hunger for $$ and power [1].

To give some readers a quick background, there are looming threats for Burma from the western borders of the Burmese nation (Myanmar) posed by yesterday illegal immigrants, today infiltrators and tomorrow invaders who nowadays are trying to steal Northern Arakan, Burmese soil for their co-ethnic and coreligionist brothers across the border. It can only happen over the dead bodies of Burmese patriots but bad news for those invaders is that we Burmese are survivors and we will not give up
without a fight.  One of the patriots are Venerable Wira Thu, the head monk from Ma Soe Yein, Burmese version of Westminster Church.

As a Burmese, I do not see any problem for monks going around Mandalay chanting and showing their concern and love for citizens. In my opinion, protesters are expressing rightful concerns about the future of Burmese state and fates of Burmese. In fact, for Buddhist monks, they can be indifferent as their occupational demand of monkshood, similar to Catholic priesthood, will leave no offspring behind. But for they are patriots, for they are showing their love for us, their care for us, Burmese and ethnic and religious minorities who live in this country.

For our children to live, for them to study, work and live peacefully, to rise their families, to enjoy the security, Burmese have no choice but to screen and select who are real Burmese citizens and who are illegals from Bangladesh – a sinking country that is one third of the size of Burma for its population three or four times of Burma.

Burmese citizens, like people everywhere, have rights to accept and reject who are citizens and who are not. Our positions have been very clear, Burmese government has agreed and honored their agreement that refugees who can prove their citizenships will be accepted back into Burma. However, it is not
impossible for a poor country like Burma to bear the burden of Bangladeshi population crisis. Therefore while Burma has every rights to protect own citizens, protect the sovereign, what the monks have been doing these days not only proves that Burma is reforming, citizens are practicing their democratic rights expressing their citizenship rights. It provides the much needed legitimacy for the government led reforms happening in Burmese nation.

However, we are seeing a hell hog (male pig) at large (escaping and messing around or trying to mess around.) It is Maung Zarni, who cannot differentiate state sponsored fascism vs. the lawful and righteous expression of concerns via peaceful protests. Should we remind him that democratic rights are for citizens? We will protect the well being of those guests, Rohingyas (if they like to call themselves) but it does not mean we have to grant them citizenship free for everyone.

There is only one conclusion inevitably can be reached; we can only speculate that he is merely trying to exploit Burmese crisis. By painting this peaceful protest into something politically incorrect, labeling the protests as fascist and racist, he is trying to get the attention of his possible patrons (Rohingyas, INGOs who needs new fresh project ideas to waste the money of tax payers in United States, United Kingdom and western world). Perhaps he is also angling to catch some fish, his future clients such as naive and gullible activists who will support the cause of so called Rohigyas who are mainly Bengali descent. Reading between the lines, whatever he wrote can be summed up as follows:

"Hey guys and girls, Daw Su is bad, she is not on the side of very poor Rohingyas
- I know they kill local Arakan natives, I know they are from Bangladesh, I know the same Bangladeshi illegal immigrants are killing native Bodos in Assam, India,I know they are funded by Wahabis (in fact that made me dripping with sliver for those juicy $$$), I know they fabricated history, I know they are good at acting victims while they are vicious villains, I know monks are peacefully protesting, but who cares as long as I can get some grants $$$$$ - so the real progressive is here Mr. Napoléon, comrade pig as in the George Orwell's "Animal firm". Shower me with dollars, promote me as your bastard in Burma, grant me $$ projects such as educating and enlightening barbarian Burmese with progressive liberal values".

We Burmese, can recognize how it will end, he may get some grants he raved, he may manage to impress right people, he may win the heart of his Rohingyas, may secure the job at the University of Brunei, but we WTN editors can read between and lines and interpret accordingly and in this essay we have expressed our view and we summarized his work in one sentence below:

"The hell hog is at large, now positioning itself for $$s, clients, patrons & power!"

Yours Truly

Dr. Dote Kyee



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